How technology keeps construction sites safe

Protect is a core value we live by within Fletcher Building. The FletcherTech team’s embodiment of this value is clearly demonstrated through our recent upgrades on our digital safety data collection tools ‘Radar’ and ‘Roam’, which are both utilised throughout the organisation.

Radar and Roam allow people to make notes and report health and safety items easily and in real time as they go about their day or attend a site walk.

The FletcherTech team worked with Fletcher Building's Health and Safety and Enviornment community to make Radar and Roam more user-friendly, in turn, making it easier for our teams to report safety information, even when working on on-site jobs.

We're incredibly proud of the enhanced tools, which allow anyone, whether onsite using the mobile app Roam, or Radar on their desktop; to share safety conversations and observations quickly and accurately.

This proactive approach reduces manual reporting time, helps prevent incidents, and ensures a safer work environment.

Roam Fletcher Building safety app

These efforts align with Fletcher Building's value Protect, which stands for:

1. Prevention of all injuries.
2. Speaking up and taking action.
3. Caring for each other.
4. Celebrating successes.

Since the updates to Fletcher Building's mobile app, Roam, the amount of safety data that has been entered into the app has double over the past year. This wealth of information helps FletcherTech identify patterns and maintain a safer workplace.

FletcherTech's commitment to Protect remains strong, ensuring the safety of all Fletcher Building employees is at the forefront of our priorities.

It is great to see the updates have been readily embraced and that the numerous positive effects are making a real difference.

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