How Zebra technologies are enabling the team to improve customer experience and cut back on paperwork.

PlaceMakers is the leading and largest supplier of hardware and building materials in New Zealand. As a Fletcher Building business, PlaceMakers works with a dedicated team of specialists in FletcherTech to help deliver their IT business strategy.

“I believe to make teams awesome we need to give people the latest technology so that they can perform with confidence and support,” says Mark Jaffray, GM of IT Distribution, Construction, Corporate.

There are many IT requirements for an organisation the size of PlaceMakers. As PlaceMakers has many branches, having a competent network system between locations that works to serve the business cohesively and intuitively is critical. A recently completed network upgrade has ensured that internet speeds are now 400x faster.

600 Zebras were also decommissioned recently and replaced where needed over the course of six weeks. New Zebras allow for the latest applications and Wi-Fi capability through SIM cards.

Zebra technologies offer a suite of solutions that can lead to increased efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and overall operational excellence in the workplace. Businesses across industries can benefit from Zebra's technologies to improve processes, customer experiences, and competitive edge.

Zebra technologies are used to sense, analyse, and act in real-time. They are sometimes known as smart data capture. Zebra's technology solutions, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, can streamline workflows and processes.

By automating data capture, tracking, and management, businesses can reduce manual errors, improve accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and time savings.

Zebra's solutions provide real-time visibility into assets, inventory, and operations. This visibility enables better decision-making, as people can access up-to-date information on demand, allowing for more informed choices and quicker response times.

Zebras also significantly improve inventory management by enabling accurate tracking, replenishment, and stock control. RFID systems, for instance, can offer real-time inventory data, reducing stockouts, overstock situations, and the need for manual inventory counts.

Zebra's solutions can also contribute to a better customer experience by ensuring that products are readily available, improving order accuracy, and expediting the checkout process.

While there is an initial investment in implementing Zebra's technology solutions, businesses can realize significant cost savings over time. By reducing errors, optimising processes, and minimising labour-intensive tasks, companies can lower operational costs and improve their bottom line.

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By upgrading technology systems when required, we allow PlaceMakers to have a network that enables them to excel in various areas. Because of the updates and commitment to life-cycling technology, we ensure the business has a firm position in the present, and a leading start towards the future. We’re always looking ahead and ready to keep adapting.

It’s in this future-focused mindset we find one of the winning elements with accounts like PlaceMakers - ‘Don’t say no, say not right now. When you have the capacity, take some big bets!’ PlaceMakers have bet on themselves, for the benefit of their customers and team, and are already seeing the glowing returns.

Another key benefit from this project is the sustainable edge it has given to PlaceMakers. By focusing more on digital and the tech side, we have begun to eliminate the need for excessive paperwork, which has been called "life-changing” by some of our tradie customers!

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