A Futurist View on the Impact of Tomorrow's Techscape

To further connect with customers, FletcherTech initiated the Tech Talk event series. Quarterly, tech industry experts join Fletcher Building and speak to all Fletcher Building employees on a tech topic designed to transport a person out of the day-to-day.

Tech Talks are designed to take Fletcher Building employees from the 'now' to what is possible because of technology. Attendees are invited to look at where technology is taking us and see the art of what is possible.

There is nothing more constant than change. Technology evolves quickly and it is easy to see the world as becoming faster and more complex. But that is also exciting. Nothing is impossible; It’s just a matter of time and application.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds speaking to Fletcher Building

“The present is messy and complicated, and the future will be too,” said Melissa.

In our ‘Future Unveiled’ Tech Talk, world-renowned Futurist, Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM spoke to Fletcher Building about the future. She inspired the audience to reflect on a future not yet known but holding great potential.

“The present is messy and complicated, and the future will be too,” said Melissa.

Focusing on megatrends, Melissa looked at a range of issues including urbanisation and inequality.

Posing the question, “How will you thrive in this messy and contradictory future?” to the audience, Melissa suggested one way we can support future generations is to support a love of play. It was Einstein who said imagination was more important than knowledge, said Melissa.

“The future demands that we create and think critically.”

"We know we're living in the next generation's history book. We just don't know the name of the chapter yet."

Michael Simmons