Demonstrating our values in action through the implementation of a successful learning management system.

At FletcherTech, we talk a lot about Fletcher Building values, and demonstrating our ‘values in action’ – but what does that look like?

One excellent example of how the FletcherTech team embodies Fletcher Building values Better Together and Customer Leading, is through the positive work we’ve done with our customer, Winstone Wallboards, which is a business owned by Fletcher Building.

Winstone Wallboards make GIB plasterboard as well as the jointing and finishing products used to put the plasterboard on the wall.

In 2020, Winstone Wallboards realised they needed a larger manufacturing space and moved their plant from Penrose, Auckland to Tauriko, Tauranga. This meant fitting out new office spaces and manufacturing buildings with everything from telephones and printers to video conferencing rooms and service providers.

By 2023, the plant was ready to be used. However, before the new Winstone Wallboards manufacturing site in Tauriko was considered fully operational, the Winstone Wallboards commissioning team had to test the plant.

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To ensure they were ready and cleared as competent, the commissioning team first went through rigorous training and certification designed and overseen by the tech team. Between January and April this year, Winstone Wallboards logged over 2,000 hours of training.

Cornerstone was set up as the learning management system (LMS). Cornerstone is used as a digital training tool within Fletcher Building corporate but setting it up for a manufacturing site was not without its complexities.

The FletcherTech team had to make accommodations as many frontline workers or people who work on-site rather than in an office, did not have a desktop. Therefore, the tech team provided frontline workers access via an onboarding process. As frontline workers were onboarded, they were provided licenses, logins, passwords, and access to kiosks to use to get into Cornerstone.

Health and Safety is Fletcher’s Building’s top priority, and this training was deliberately designed to be simple, straightforward, and easily accessible for frontline workers in the same way.

The training set up for Winstone Wallboards Tauriko was so effective that the FletcherTech team is now working on implementing similar systems for the rest of Fletcher Building’s building products division, as well as PlaceMakers and Fletcher Building Australia.​
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