We’re resilient and FAST! Introducing Fletcher Building’s network enhancements

Ever wondered how to increase internet speed, improve resiliency, and enhance capability for a network that covers over thirty different businesses spread out across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific?

The answer is, ‘with a lot of planning and a multi-pronged approach!’

This year, FletcherTech has begun to roll out a networking enhancements operation across Australasia.

Network bandwidth will increase to a minimum of 100Mbps. Increasing the network bandwidth to 100Mpbs across the board sees a speed connectivity increase of up to 400% faster in many locations.

The Starlink network will also be provided for 70 Australia and New Zealand business-critical sites. These are businesses in locations with high service demands or in areas where conventional connectivity is challenging to deliver, such as remote quarries and rural expanses. Starlink bridges the connectivity gap and serves as a failover mechanism during primary connection disruptions, underscoring our unwavering dedication to preserving operational continuity.

The third stage of our enhancement is installing an SD-WAN (software-defined network) solution. This cloud technology uses software-defined networking concepts to distribute digital traffic across a network that traverses a wide geographical area.

These combined measures will fundamentally transform our operational landscape. Reducing bandwidth constraints and further establishing a cohesive, managed, and resilient network is beneficial for multiple reasons. It is cost-effective, increases efficiency, reduces risk, and paves the way for sustained growth and innovation.

Our comprehensive efforts to increase internet speed, fortify network resilience, and integrate cutting-edge solutions like SD-WAN and Starlink have collectively strengthened our future-focused operational landscape.
Thanks to the team's dedicated work on these enhancements, Fletcher Building businesses are poised to thrive within the ever-evolving digital realm. FletcherTech offers innovative tech solutions for top companies across Australasia, as well as exciting technology focused career opportunities.

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